US Track and Field Youth event – Tucson AZ

Night before the races…Brynn and Liam are finally asleep but it’s after midnight. Races start at 9 AM, but their first event – the 800 m run – isn’t until about half way through the meet. The first few events are long runs; 1,500 and 5000m. So I think I’ll wait to wake them up until about 7:45 AM. That should give them time to get breakfast and make it to the high school well – WELL – before the have first call for their races.
Liam is doing the 800m, 400m, and 200m.  Brynn is doing the 200m and 800m. The 200m is the second to last event, so there is plenty of rest/recuperate time prior to that race. THe tricky part will be for Liam and the 400m. There is only the 100m dash between the 800m and 400m. Normally Liam would run the 100m, but we decided to have him try the 800m this time out, and I didn’t want him going from the 800m right into the 100m. I’m not sure how I feel about him going into the 400 so soon after either, but we’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.
Update: 1:25 AM. I should have listened to Brynn when she said her stomach was hurting earlier, since she just threw up all over the bed. I feel sorry for the maids tomorrow. Did the best I could rinsing out the sheets and comforter. At lest they’re all white, so they are bleachable. Not sure how much sleep anyone is going to get now…
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